The right relationships will anchor you in this new season as the hand of God is guiding you, you’re YIELDED, you’re listening, you’re truly accountable and you’re COMING THROUGH INTO ALL THINGS NEW.
The relationships we have are crucial to stability. What that looks like for you might be different to me. If you’re called to ministry, then you’ll need to be in relationship with your spouse who shows they value, support and believe in that and you too.
If you’re in a relationship where the other person is telling you they didn’t want the relationship or the responsibility that comes, but want the benefits of the relationship, but don’t want to step up and change then that is toxic. This can be a mind game to keep you small. To stop you from rising tall. This mind game is just a game.
Nothing will change unless you set a boundary and value yourself. Time will tell if there’s change.You are not responsible to fix, rescue or live in confusion and pain. The right relationships are KEY to stability in our lives. In our homes, our work, our calling our community!
Basic principles can’t be ignored. If you ignore red flags in your personal relationship and refuse to do the work then the relationship is going to suffer and may even end if you choose to ignore.
I know for me, I always wanted a large family and marriage and I always wanted to be in ministry. I know who I am and what my desires are and what God has called me to. What I didn’t know, was that my childhood trauma made me a fixer, that was how I received love. I became a worker bee to help others be loved and seen. My young adult life choices were made on a mirror image of my childhood trauma. I attached to the same spirit that I grew up in. Very interesting when you look back through the eyes of healing and wholeness and see.
But the reality is, we’re only responsible for our growth, we can’t fix, rescue or change anybody! You can pray and pray and pray, but most otten it’s through pain that people MAY choose to change. Even then, some don’t WANT to change. You got to let it go, forgive yourself and let the ANCHOR hold.
When we’re young and eager and full of drive, we sail out on the sea of life feeling like we can beat any storm! Pretty soon, we realise the storm is beyond us and we’re gasping for air. This is where we find out what we’re truly made of, who and what we’re anchored to!
As Ray Boltz wrote in one of his songs, “Though the storm rages, the anchor holds. Though the ship is battered the anchor holds. Though the sails are torn, the anchor holds.”
Your house of cards may have come tumbling down. The alignments in your past may have never been right, but God has never left your side! The anchor holds! The hand of the Lord will always rescue you and make a way for you.
The visions the dreams you once had, you held them in your hand, they seem dead, but God holds YOU and your DREAMS in his HAND.
The best is truly yet to come!
You’re one who’s stable and able. You are TRUE. You’re anchored to solid ground. Able to work and walk THROUGH. To be established and to be stable. You are more than able.
The right relationships will anchor you in this new season as the hand of God is guiding you, you’re YIELDED, you’re listening, your truly accountable and you’re COMING THROUGH INTO ALL THINGS NEW.
Though you’ve journeyed through a long dark night, faith has carried you! Love has married you! The headland in now in sight! You’re going to reach your safe harbour, you’re going to take flight!
Psalm 68:5 TPT
“To the fatherless, he is a father. To the widow he is a champion friend. The lonely he makes part of a family. The prisoners (the bitter ones) he leads into prosperity until they sing for joy.”
PS- YES I love Ray Boltz and the LBGTQI community! I have allot of lesbian and gay friends. I am straight. But I celebrate people different to me. X
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