Who Would Have Thought Peppermint Tea & A Digital Detox Was What I Need?

Hello beautiful!

It’s such an exciting and scary ride I’m on right now. Not that I haven’t dreamed about connecting heart to heart with you! But it’s a scary thing going where you’ve never been, and finally flying free!!

It was 2013, when my first book was launched and it’s been an incredible journey so far! So much I can say here, but most of all what I’ve learned about the Father’s heart through it all has impacted me the most. I am writing straight from my heart today, as it’s a watershed time in this online ministry for me!

There’s so many pro’s and con’s that go with writing with the LORD and blogging each day. So much psychology behind the WHY of what we do in our calling, with the vision and mission we’ve been given and the doing part for legacy too..

I know what I’m called to do and that’s empower you! To help you connect with the heart of God and hear his voice too. To see how valued and cherished and loved you are for simply being YOU!

There’s nothing wrong with you, this world will tell you you’re broken, not enough and all that stuff!! And You don’t need another ounce of  religious condemnation heaped on you! Intimacy comes from knowing you are enough! It comes from the fire of love in pursuit of you!

I live and breathe identity because it’s what we need! We sometimes want the sugar coated lolly to get what we need, but to up-root ideologies for centuries we’ve believed, TAKES TIME AND SATURATION to believe! It’s not too good to be true!! God loves you! He has a purpose and a plan for you!

It’s been a wild and crazy 7 years so far! I’ve pumped out my 5th child! My 5th non-elective Caesarean! I’ve kept on in my lane despite many obstacles, doubt, fear, mocking and shame. It’s the LOVE of God that’s empowered me to stay here with YOU!

The past 2 years I’ve got divorced. I left my marriage on remembrance day 2017 after 19 years. It was the hardest but BEST decision of my life! The children see lots of Mum and Dad and I’ve made sure of that!! I can write a course or two on divorce recovery for many of you!!

I’ve transformed my body postpartum at home on the treadmill with the baby basket next to it. And stacked the weight back on again this year! But 2019 has been a very productive new boundary setting year! Looking forward to getting my health which is wealth back soon..

I’ve got exciting news!!

I am re-branding this page to Empowering You Coaching. It is still me. I am not pimping the anointing on my life to make money! No! I have done what I have done for 7 years as a charity! In fact, $15,000 and 7 years of covering costs of running the website, and my time all free! The donations started coming in THIS year. I took $5,000 and have used every cent to train in coaching and marketing so I can SERVE YOU BETTER! My focus is my family in this now season. Getting financially stable and plugging in face to face in my community.

Moving forward, this page and ministry is my hobby. It doesn’t make me money. It is my passion!! Encouraging YOU is my life’s passion!!!!  I don’t do ministry for money!

However, GOD has given me a WAY bigger VISION.

Together, (Holy Spirit and I) are launching my first ever on line e -course in January 2020!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! Keep Your eye out for my stories that I share on this page in the coming month.

I’m getting my life back! To have good boundaries around technology I’ve taken FB and social media APPS off my phone and will be automating allot of my work moving forward. You can connect with me as a client in my inner circle or at times I will comment on my page here from time to time too. I will continue to share words of LIFE here as I do, but you will see my coaching clients connecting with me here too.

It’s going to be win, win as I produce more life changing transformational content for you to plug in and do. As a client, you are taking responsibility and I am working with you to bring you through into your new beginnings!

So, you’ll see some changes here over the coming weeks. My website will be down next week for a few weeks. I am SO excited about this whole new e- course realm! We are going to have lots of fun on the run!

Keep your eye out for my new book coming in the next month too! It’s going to be available as a downloadable e-book and a video book package too! (Lots of bonus stories in the video book for you to glean from too).

So, it’s back to my peppermint tea and my family! The on-line coaching courses are my focus and priority over the next decade for me and my family! They’re going to empower you! You’re going to get the best version of me as will my family!

Looking forward to connecting on social media where we can be productive with our God given dreams bringing them into reality!

Love, Veronica. XX

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