2019-2020 Update!


Dear Ministry Partners and Friends,

We live in exciting times!! I’ve never been so clear on what the LORD is doing in and through the ministry and business!

Let His Kingdom come! Let His will be done!!

It’s with a heart of GRATITUDE that I touch base with you today!!

2019 has been a monumental year for me on a personal level getting my house in order and also training and launching Empowering You Coaching!

I’ve been releasing revelation online since 2013 and doing the occasional speaking engagement and now it’s time to rise and build!

The path forward is clear!

What’s important to me in this now season is financial stability and my own health so that I can provide for my 5 children! I’m going to war over my finances and health as I raise my family in peace! I’m excited to be able to minister and work from home over the next 10 years in the ministry building upon the foundation of Jesus!

There’s 2 components to what the Lord is building through me moving forward:


1. I’ve been crying out to the LORD for governance over the revelation that I share for the past 6 years and have now partnered with Glory City Network for this level of accountability. I meet with the team at regular intervals on line as an itinerant and am having opportunity’s to connect relationally for prayer support as the ministry grows too. I’m so THANKFUL for this team that I can lean and glean from- precious folk who have gone before me in the prophetic lane.
2. I am working on building a team around me locally of interns and this will unfold in 2020 moving forward.
3. My local Church provides accountability for my character and prayer through my continual choice to be transparent around home life and this governance is helping to protect me and my children.

I’m so GrATFEUL for each one of you who support me in prayer too! Love you all!


I have combined the ministry and coaching under the same business number and am operating as a sole- trader business, not a non -profit at this early stage. The ministry is my passion and the coaching business will enable me to have the TIME to minister in the prophetic keeping me in my lane.

Empowering Grace Ministries brought in $1,667 Australian dollars in the 2018-2019 FY. Empowering You Coaching brought in $1,300 in 2018-2019 FY Australian.My expenses were $4,347.

I have met with a financial backer a few weeks back ( a dear friend who is an accountant) who is helping me with financial governance and who is also going to sow into the business to help me get set up. The software I will be using will have a ticketing system for billing which will be a huge TIME saver for me in the business once my vault is full and back end heavy with coaching programs, e-books and so on. I am steadily working on these video’s and have had fifteen 1:1 coaching clients since I launched in February 2019. Clients are from all over the globe! It’s been amazing serving the body of Christ this way!!


I have been enjoying the 1:1 phone sessions with clients. All based around identity. It’s been amazing building rapport with clients and seeing lives burst alive!! I am currently working on building a membership site. What this will look like is a 3, 6 or 12 month access to my video teaching vault and access to me personally in an on-line group setting with Q&A once a week or month.

E- books will be available to purchase in time as things build in the business over the next decade. I will continue to release revelation in the prophetic lane online through the FB page and on my website, but want to connect and re-produce what I carry in the lives of clients! This is win win! Exponential growth will flow as we go!

I’ve done the marketing training and have the certification in the coaching, my home is in order and I have a calendar of time availability moving forward. I never dreamed I would lead out in a business kingdom model, but this is where the LORD is leading me. I am so excited about this!

It’s a PRIVILEGE serving you this way!! Thank you for loving me like you do and for praying for me too! I endeavour to love myself in health by resting allot more in the coming days too. We’re in this for the LONG HAUL and having the right support and clear vision sets the path forward straight.

It’s a new ERA and an exciting time to be alive!! There’s a grassroots movement coming up and out of ashes of old as the Kingdom of God is advancing here on earth!!

Looking forward to releasing the Word of the LORD for 2020 this coming Friday as we embark on Rosh Hashanah!

I’m setting off to rest in BALI on Sunday with my daughter Hannah Grace too! PRAISE GOD!

In the words of Elenor Roosevelt,

“You must do what you think you cannot do!”

All my love,

Veronica. X

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