You’re Going To Have a Brand New Calendar!!

You’re going to see a restoration of time and all that’s been taken from you being returned double in this NOW season!!
The LORD has been contending for your  breakthrough!!! Amid your difficulty! Amid feeling worn out, disillusioned, feeling hopeless and ruined too!!
You are going to see a BRAND NEW calendar and opportunity upon opportunity to make memories that are lasting and true!!
This is YOUR season of ALL THINGS NEW!
Where you’ve had time stolen from you through sorrow and sickness and disease, you shall now see a delivery of ALL THAT YOU NEED!
But wait, there’s MORE!
Daddy’s got untold NEW opportunities for you and you’re entering into a NEW season called, ‘MORE!’
It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to dance and decree!  A divine turnaround and miracles amid your once was called ‘impossible’ you shall see!!
You’re so much stronger now! You’ve come through tried, tested and true.
Daddy’s Rose, His heart beat is found in you!!
It’s TIME to get excited! To dance and decree! Restoration of TIME is your’s and miracles of love you shall see!!
You’re going to be able to plan ahead and make provision with new opportunities! No longer will you be blocked by the plans of the enemy!!
This is your time and this is your hour!
There’s been a shift that’s swift and miracle upon miracle you shall see!
It’s time to receive!!!
Psalm 31:15 The Passion Translation
“My life, my every moment, my destiny- it’s all in your hands. So I know you can deliver me from those who persecute me relentlessly.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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