The Cows Are Coming!

Cows in Scripture are often a metaphor of God’s provision. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills! Psalm 50:10

Many of you are going to birth new projects in this hour which are going to be the provision for the vision that Papa has given to you!
While I was resting with my children on the river bank last weekend, my middle son handed me a plastic toy cow that he found in the sand as he was digging. During this free play time, he met a friend similar in age from the UK, this boy was full of joy! The boys played in the sand for several hours together with their boards and sand toys as they gave the cow a name and kept sending it back to me to protect!
It was cute and irritating to me at the same time, as the boys were in my personal space splashing water and sand unwittingly over my face! Fast forward a week and the Holy Spirit has spoken to me about the context of what was actually going on inside of me at that time.
I was processing a difficult financial situation that was birthed out of much pain.
I believe Papa is saying to many in this hour that we are going to see His provision for the vision that we have been given through unique and creative ways! There’s an open Heaven over many right now to carve out new beginnings and to create unique ways to create wealth to meet needs and to be a blessing to many!
God owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He’s not running out of anything and there’s an invitation right now to step into the plans He has to prosper us, to make us fruitful in the land as we partner with Him in this hour of power! It’s time to milk cows! That which was meant to crush you is going to be the very making of you! New wine is being released!
The hand that you have been dealt is going to come up trumps as you lean and glean and willingly allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through into all things new! You’re giving birth to NEW things, that will benefit you! Those around you will be blessed  for generations to come!  The cows of blessing have come!
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