Acceleration as you advance into the new!

There’s an acceleration upon you in this hour of power and Papa says,


“You don’t need to worry about the details, I am with you in the centre of all you are doing! Lean and learn and allow Me to guide you as we travel on through! You’ve come through the dark night of the soul and I’ve brought you through into the new.”

“I want you to lean in, because we’re coming swiftly through as we travel together through. There are some twists and turns up ahead as we travel on through and there’s some narrow passages and at times I will slow things down, to keep you safe and on track as we travel on through. There will be some stops along the way as passengers are jumping on board too. (New connections.)”

“I want you to pause and to trust and don’t worry about the new things that I am doing. These new people will be there for you, they are going to be good for you. They are going to help you as we travel on through. Don’t judge from the exterior view, for I am with you and I am guiding you through. When I say slow down as we journey on through, I want you to follow Me and let me guide you”.

“You’re going to multiply as the train we’re on has multiple carriages which are being added on as we travel on through. I want you to lean in and enjoy the journey, you will hear the whistle stop and know when change is happening as I will show you what to do with whom and when to move.

Hold on! We’re off and racing and the train is plowing on through into all things new!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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