Wings to Fly

I see you being released onto a new stage at this stage of your life. You’re one who washes others in the Word, with action and deed.  A heart utterly devoted to The One!

You’ve washed many feet as you live for an audience of One. You demonstrate the heart of the Father so beautifully, you’re one who serves and loves unconditionally.

There is upgrade of favour with God and with man in this season for you.

I see a picture of a ballet dancer moving with precision and ease. Your feet have bled and bruised as you’ve danced through many casualty’s in this life. You are a refreshing breeze!

Papa is giving you wings to fly!

I see you dancing to a new song, a new tempo, it’s a slower more intimate pace. You’re going to experience fresh grace to run your race. There’s a gentle soft whisper coming upon you now, a meekness that lifts others out of weakness. You’re bringing others around you into this dance with The One, called LIFE!


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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