Destiny Time!


It’s Australia Day today and Papa reminded me this morning of the Australian light horsemen who liberated Jerusalem!

800 men mounted their Walers and took charge into Beersheba liberating Jerusalem in 1917! Over the enemy trenches they rode in! (Stringer, C  1999, Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage).

I see many of you stepping up to the plate called legacy in this hour!
You’re going to take legacy steps that will impact generations to come and Papa is strengthening you with His power! Your legacy will shine bright! I see families, business and ministry initiatives taking place as you step up and forward in this hour. The Spirit of God is calling you out!
All are called, but few are chosen. Why is it that few are chosen? Because few choose, to be chosen! God wants your willing heart . A partnership of trust! Your past doesn’t disqualify you. He qualifies you! Fear can’t hold you back! He’s calling you! He trusts you! And he wants to thrust you forward into destiny because your yes, will lead other’s into their destiny!
You’re a forerunner whose tasted and seen and Papa’s leading you out to glean! Your foundation is strong and you’re one who knows how to drink even though you feel ill equipped and like a teen! It’s Majesty in you that the world around you can see!
You’re going to be blown away at the wild adventures Daddy has for you! It’s your heart on fire that’s attracting the lost and dying to come and see!
I see you traveling with power and strength and endurance! The Lord is leading you! You’re on His back! It’s time to take the reigns, hold on tight and charge on through!
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