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I saw a vision of the number eight. Eight is the number of new beginnings. (Matthew 28:1) Thompson & Beale, 2017. God’s Prophetic Symbolism in Everyday life.

In the vision, I saw a recipe being handed out and it was brand new! The ingredients and methods were handed over to cook and prepare it too. The setting was a communal feast set for eight weeks time! Each person’s name was put on the guest list and they had to bring their meal to the feast!

Then the Holy Spirit said,

“New authority is here. The blueprints are here and new beginnings are here!  You’re going to carve out new beginnings with a mindset of freedom in the air! Strength, strategy and tenacity are yours! The life you now live is going to reflect that of a whole new world!”

Over-arching the dream was the sense of solid identity and the freedom as you bring fresh manna to the feasting table! It’s like you have the secret sauce! The ingredients to the recipe of life that’s going to lead you into places of fine fare!  There was peace and rest in the preparation process!

I believe where many of you have had a past pessimist view, a mindset set on defeat due to blockages, hindrances and a skew view, you’re now going to have a clear view and step on through into a whole new life of endless possibilities with Heaven’s blueprints that’ve being handed to you!

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