Rise and Build


I woke up in the early hours today with a word for all the front runners! Being on the front lines of ministry, whether you’re pastoring a Church, pioneering a ministry, or running a business, leading your family, you are on the front lines!

There’s an anointing upon you that breaks yolks and there’s an empowerment to sit in that seat. You are human though and many face opposition from opposing spiritual forces around us or from within ourselves!  It sometimes feels like defeat!

I really believe in this hour that many of you have crossed a threshold as we’ve entered 2019 and that you are beginning to rise and build! You are going to have a fresh empowerment as the wind of the spirit blows wind in your sail to move you forward. Acceleration, momentum and crescendo is coming upon you!!

Some of you are going to see significant and lasting breakthrough in areas of your soul. Those of you who get bombarded constantly from the spiritual forces of darkness as you pioneer, and you get tired and feel worn.

Religious mindsets have been broken and the false guilt and false identity that masked the true you has now been removed! You’re now coming of the dark season of the soul. It’s a time of authenticity and a time to rise and build! You’re going to create at an accelerated pace! You going to step up and into the destiny call on your life. I see you leading with your shoulders set back and your head held high! Backdone and strength is coming upon you now. You are so so loved! So incredibly loved! Many are going to be delivered by the anointing upon you that’s there to set captives free! Freedom in Christ, is your NOW decree!

The grace of God is launching you back out to fight the good fight. You’re coming out of obscurity now. You’re going to dream again and you’re going to see a re-alignment of the purposes and plans that God has for you, your ministry and your family.


Some of you have been drowning in the early stages of alcoholism to numb the pain. You’re going to be healed in Jesus name!! I can relate. I have been there! Suffering in silence behind closed doors. You wear a mask because you feel like other’s can’t relate and there’s shame that comes with such pain. Alcohol will no longer be your medication to numb the pain. Some of you will make the hard decisions to leave toxic situations behind you and you are going to fly!

You’re not a failure, you’re a soldier, one who’s taken many hits on behalf of others. A trooper! It’s your time of breakthrough! God is setting you free in this season of all things new. I see you rising and building.You’re coming out of a dark season of the soul. It’s a time of authenticity and courage to step forward and as you do, your promises will unfold!


We see the story of Elijah and Elisha, where Elisha kissed his parents goodbye in 1 Kings 19:19-21 and followed Elijah as his servant. Some of you are going to leave your comfort zones to embrace the mantle and calling that’s upon you. Opportunities for equal alignment are coming your way! I see marriages that are aligned. I see many building with new alignments that are yolked in freedom and not slavery. You’re not going to be aligned with a donkey and an ass. Self effort and dead works are in your past! You’re gong to have the strength and the tenacity to move forward by the power of the spirit! You’re going to have the right alignments in this season. Other’s of you are going to be like Job who lost everything in the beginning and he leaned in and ended up trusting in the faithful One and everything was fully restored! Added with more!

Matthew 11:28-30 ” Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yolk upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”


I see many of you like the kings cup bearer Nehemiah in this season. You’re going to be one who protects many through the words and deeds that you are led to do. I see your sword shining through. The Word alive in you! You are a worshipper, one who knows how to blow the trumpet when the enemy comes. You’re building the walls and the gates in the global church, one who opens doors to hearts and opens ears to see, by the anointing of Jesus upon you!

I see you with courage, finding favour with God and with man, receiving the provisions you need for the plan. I see you sold out to God and his plan! You’re one who’s heart is completely devoted to the Lord! I see men and women of prayer, ones who’s confidence rests in the Lord. Battered and bruised, you are brave and strong!  You’re selfless leaders who have others best interests at heart!

It’s time to rise and build! You are walking in fresh power and authority now, yielded in a posture of humility to administrate what’s right.

It’s time to rise and build and it’s s time to plow!



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