Laser- Like Focus!

IN 2019 I decree that you’ll have laser-like focus flowing out of your God given identity! You will run and not grow weary as you wait upon the Lord and you will fly like an eagle!

I see new opportunities coming to you and connections and increased favour and blessings of God are upon you! There’s an acceleration upon you now, an empowerment by the Spirit of God to fulfil what He’s called you to do!

Laser-like focus is key to your breaking through as you carve out new beginnings in the mountain the Lord has given to you! I see many of you awakening to new ideas and a fresh confidence coming upon you to step out and do new things in the New Year!

I remember when I wrote my first manuscript and launched a website and social media and all the trappings that go with self publishing a book! It was amid my responsibilities of running a very busy home with young children at that time and although it was a God thing, I had much opposition to overcome WITHIN myself!

I’ve learned over the years that peace is an inside job! You can be on holiday laying under a pineapple tree and still internally not at rest! Rest comes from knowing your worth, knowing who you are. Rest that comes from identity gives us the confidence and courage to set boundaries around what we will take on and what we  won’t!

My happy place is in my home with my children! I love to dig in my garden for respite and rest, nestle on the couch watching a Netflix! Walk on the beach with my dog! Create yummy food with my kids! Write on the blog like I am here! These are the things which bring me rest and enjoyment and focus!

I believe many of you are going to find a laser-like focus amid the at times crazy days and business of life which can keep us very distracted and busy! As you hone in, by setting boundaries and by being consistent no matter what, you’ll find that in a year from now, you will have something beautiful to share with the world around you!

Whatever it is Papa is nudging you to run along with him to do, I want to encourage you, that you are more than capable! You are possible! You are amazing! You have a song to sing and a story to tell and lives will one day thank you for your contribution and courage that you took to stand tall and tell!

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus!”

Bruce Lee.



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