Heaven’s Riches Be Upon You!

The past few weeks I’ve been aware of the power of love building up with momentum over you, wave upon wave breaking over you friend! It’s rich and lavish and full of endless possibility! There’s an empowerment that you’re going to experience as you see things through Heaven’s lens giving you courage and tenacity to do what Papa is calling you to do!

I believe this is your hour of power! Where you’ve been stuck in old way’s of thinking, bound by past failure and watered down by tradition of man I see you busting out and walking onto a whole new playing field! The Scriptures are very clear that the only thing God apposes is un-belief and self-righteousness. These two issues paralyse us from living a power filled, dynamic life! We look to Papa and not inside ourself! We choose trust and not doubt!

Faith has positioned you for breakthrough friend! It’s a gift of God to you! It’s your trust in Papa that brings him great delight! Because it means you’ve given him your green light! He wants relationship with you, not a robotic mechanical arrangement! The gift of faith deposited in you is working wonders as you put your TRUST in Him. This is your day and this is your hour! I see you choosing LIFE and His ways which are full of power!

Where you’ve endured pain the most, you are now going to experience breakthrough the most! Some of you are going to make hard and difficult choices to walk away from toxic situations, to let go of soul crushing relationships, to allow the Truth to set you free!

I see others of you wading out of the shallows into the deep and it’s scary because you’ve not been here before, you’re choosing to leave the comfort of the shore, and in this place you’ll not drown! I see you floating on you back, love is the language you understand now! Love that never lets go, Love the never runs out!

I see you partnering with Papa with child like trust! You’re going to experience breakthrough and the very beginning of the MANY good things he has for you!

New Year’s resolutions are choices, that can be made NOW. Maybe it’s a bedside on your knees prayer that you need to do to acknowledge Him calling you into the new?

I declare health and wholeness in your soul! New exciting beginnings! Courage to step out into what He’s calling you to do! Fresh opportunities! ┬áTravel! Business ideas! Saving strategies! Divine connections and wholesome relationships that build you up and strengthen you!

It’s the all surpassing love of God that’s leading you out into the unknown! Into un-chartered territory and into new spheres! You won’t look back! You’ll be astonished as His presence, power and provision leads you where you need to go! Peace is flowing through you to those around you! I’m excited for you! I see you moving out into unchartered territory where the promises of God await you!

Ephesians 1:3 TPT

“Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ- all because he sees us wrapped into Christ. This is why we celebrate him with all our hearts!”



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