Faith Filled Decrees Are Releasing Promises That You Will See!

This is a season of faith filled decrees! Every illegal thought that comes to undermine the truth is nullified as you decree! Heaven has heard and the answers are here! Papa wants you to write a list of the promises you’ve heard. Some of you have had longings and desires that have gone unfulfilled, but as you decree with your faith filled words, you’re going to see a fulfilment of those decrees! Jesus was very clear about how to release Heaven on Earth through our words. He began in Genesis 1 with, “Then God said..

The list goes on throughout Scripture of how we are to release Kingdom reality here on earth. We have the hope of Glory in us now! It’s time to arise and shine and enter into the promises of God and live a fulfilled life this side of eternity!

I see marriages, homes, cars, job opportunities, health breakthrough, mental health breakthrough, life hacks, new ideas and lots of fun being had as you work hard and partner with Heaven on earth! The battle is real and passivity wants to settle you down! But God wants you to shake things up!! Those doubts and fears that bombard your mind are lies and tricks from the enemy! Lets break them off now as we decree! If you’ve given Him your yes, then he can work wonders with you in partnership, can you see?

This is your time and this is your hour! As you step out you’re going to see a glorious breakthrough of Kingdom reality. With Faith and Patience you shall inherit the promises!

“Come away with Me and let me fill you with my decrees! As you rest in me (not passivity) I will strengthen and fulfil the promises I’ve spoken and together we will part the sea!”

Job 22:28

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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