You Were Made For Such A Time As This!!

Waves of increased favour and finances are upon you! You’re breaking through into all things new! Heaven’s utterly devoted to you and the Sprit of God is birthing hidden treasures in you! God is launching you into a season of all things new!

I see you walking in increased favour with God and with man! There’s a costly perfume upon you that’s been poured out from the crushing you’ve come through! Heaven’s kiss is upon you and the areas of your life that went through the crushing are bursting to life in this season of all things new!

You’re coming through with flying colours and that’s the honest truth!

There’s a priceless fragrance upon you and Heaven’s treasures surround you! You’ll eat from the carcass of your past in this new season and it’ll be sweet and a blessing to you! All you lost is coming back 7 fold to you!

You radiate in his light!

You’ve been made whole and the fear that once paralysed you is no longer going to hinder you, you’re known by the principalities and powers because of your devotion to the One whose faithful and true. This understanding of who you truly are is casting out fear and it’s perfect love that’s leading you into your season of all things new!

Waves of provision, waves of presence and waves of power are upon you in this hour!

Glorious, incredible favour is upon you in this season! I see you walking in a quiet confidence now, you’re such a beautiful sight!

I sense that Paps’s going to blow your mind with wonderful gifts for you! He’s got the best in store for you! He’s going to give you your heart’s desire through Christmas and into the New Year!

I hear the Spirit of God whisper,

“I’ve got a glorious strategy for you and in it you’ll see My provision as you keep walking forward and follow Me.”

Beautiful one, you were made for such a time as this!

“Not one promise is empty of power! For nothing is impossible with God!” Luke 1:37 The Passion Translation.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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