Wild and Free!

Yesterday, two practical gifts came to me! One was a mint coloured bag (which happens to be my favourite colour) and it was full of toiletries! At the top of the bag was a pen and a pad! I burst into laughter as I had a download in worship the day before of my pen on fire! The tangible anointing upon my hand was tingling the tips of my fingers as I believe MANY writers emerging and established are receiving revelation in this season of all things new that will propel individuals, families, communities and entire nations into their God given destinies! We are living in VERY EXCITING times!!!

Not only was the bag of goodies a practical blessing, the detail of how personal the gifts were is what blessed my heart so much!

Within an hour of receiving the bag of goodies, I had a blanket left at my front door with 4 pair of summer slip on beach sandals for my kids! The blanket caught my attention because it’s a picture of 11 horses running wild and free through a river bed below a mountain in the forest/wood!

We are experiencing an awakening of destiny’s as the Bride arises and runs with passion and purpose into destiny! I see power and authority as the hallmarks of this move of God in our hearts, homes and cities! This is a Revelation 19:11 decree! THE FAITHFUL ONE WHO IS TRUE RIDES AMONG US IN VICTORY! He fights our battles because He has won for us the victory at Calvary! We now have the KEYS to enter in our destiny as we ride with the One who’s worthy! He’s made a way for us to ride with him. Together, we are wild -untameable in the spiritual and free!



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