Your Dreams Are Bursting To Life!


We’re in a time and season of great acceleration in this hour! Where there’s been exhaustion in your body and inertia(lack of energy), I see kinetic energy taking place! You’re going to experience acceleration and a bursting to life as the Spirit of God is breathing upon you and miracles of energy are taking place! Dry bones are coming to life!

Where’s there’s been a blow out and the circuit has broken, I see the body and sinew coming together! The breath of God is breathing upon these areas right now!

Many are coming into divine alignment in this hour and the very things you have contended for are coming to life!

It’s a birthing season of dreams and promises coming true. The things you thought were dead and buried are bursting to life in and through you!

The circuit that had a blow out, is coming back on line!

You’re going to see a fresh fire and a re-connection in the areas of your life you felt were burnt out! The refreshing winds are here and you’re going to experience acceleration and breakthrough as you lean in to His ear and prophesy to the dry bones LIFE!!!!

Ezekiel 37

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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