You’re Launching Out Of The Old And Into The New!


There’s a re-defining that’s going on, in and around you right now. You’re going to see and feel things from a fresh perspective! The emotions tied to past experiences that have held you in a place of bondage are being broken by the power of love in this hour!

You’re going to see a shift in the way you see things. You’ll view yourself as God view’s you!- Not by the opinions of man or the negative experiences you’ve had.

If you’ve been feeling a sense of restlessness and frustration and a re-curing reel of past thoughts playing in your mind, then this word’s for you. I see you launched out of the old and into the new by the power of love!

I hear Papa whisper,

“Keep walking with Me, I’m leading you out and I’m guiding you through. I am making all things new for you!’

You’re the apple of Papa’s eye! I see him holding your head high! He’s got good things in store for you!
The past has gone and the new has come! It’s time to arise and shine walking forward one step at a time!

Supernatural strategies and downloads are coming your way. Expect to hear from the Holy Spirit afresh and to have a fresh bounce in your step!

Zechariah 2:8

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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