Joy Unspeakable!

Where there’s been heartache and pain you’re going to experience unspeakable joy and fresh beginnings in Jesus name!

As I woke this morning, I heard these words, “The past has gone and the new has come!”

There’s healing in his wings and I see you as a dispenser of light! The suffering you have endured for following your King is momentary, the glory you carry is forever!

You are full of light! There’s a weightlessness that reflects the glory realm and attracts unbelievers to see the goodness of God upon you now.

You’ve become one who knows joy unspeakable! The glory of the Lord will continue to lift your head!

Powers of darkness bow their knee and flee as you worship the King of Glory! He’s releasing such joy over you right now! Over the areas of your soul where there’s wounds that only those close to you can tell.

Where there’s been a hardness to break through from a wrong view, where the enemy has worked overtime to rob you of your inheritance, you’re going to look again and see the briliance of His glance!¬†With this right view you’ll experience the King of Glory shining upon you.

I see you motivated by love and not guilt which will launch you out and into the destiny He has ordained for you!

The past has gone and the new has come. You’re blood washed and free!

Your Heavenly Father has gone into your past and declared you blood washed and free! Now its time to write history!

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