Fresh Opportunities Are Coming To You

Fresh opportunities are coming to you! Expect divine interruptions to happen to you!  They’re ambushes set up on behalf of the Father for you!  Your testimony is tried and true giving the world a birds eye view of eternity in you!

These 1:1 encounters are going to be potent! Souls you touch with the compassionate heart of God will become mighty arrows in the hand of the Lord! Divine appointments are Heaven’s scheduled appointments for you!

You’ll be astonished as one day you’ll be able to see the lives you’ve impacted for all eternity as you allowed the interruption and  inconvenience of routine to happen!

From little things, big things grow!

Divine appointments are Heaven’s scheduled appointments for you! The 1:1 times are precious! Expect divine interruptions to happen to you!

Jesus stopped for the 1 even when the crowds were pressing in around him. He healed the blind beggar Bar-Timai who were desperately crying out to him! It was an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation to the crowd around him. But Jesus saw him as highly prized, stopped and asked him what he wanted and then responded by healing him! (Mark 10:46-52 The Passion Translation)

I see this demonstration of power flowing through you as you stop for the one in front of you.

All of Heaven is backing you!!

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