Glory Encounters Are Your Inheritence

Greater realms of Glory are your inheritance now! I see you flowing afresh in the nuaunces and flow of Heaven’s stream. There’s a greater release of the glory realm sweeping through you now. I see you encountering Heaven’s realm as you sleep. Be attentive to repeat dreams. They’re not necessarily literal, but metaphors many of them, as Father is speaking to you in repeat patterns giving you vision, destiny dreams and more.
He’s taking you higher, so you can go further, faster, smoother in His presence with less effort. There’s an ease and new flow that you’re going to experience as you go. Higher, deeper, further. It’s by Grace and Grace alone! Jesus’ perfect sacrifice has made within you a glorious place for the Spirit of God to call home! He’s longing to unlock more of that realm within you now.
Greater realms are your inheritance! I see insight, strength and strategy coming to you, especially in your dreams. Keep a journal handy, or a digital recorder to record your dreams! I see you going higher, further, smoother, faster! Glory encounters are your inheritance now!!

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