Miracles Are God’s Specialty and He’s Set You Up for Destiny!

The God dreams in your heart are not written off! His plans and purposes are not written off! No matter what you’ve come through, going through, or how long it seems you’ve been waiting! ITS NOT WRITTEN OFF!!
Circumstances haven’t disqualified you and your flucuating feelings can’t disqualify you! You’re NOT out of the count! The fact that you feel like you’re simply going through the motions doesn’t matter either. God’s working amid all that. You are going to see a TREMENDOUS breakthrough! Father wants to encourage you! Your God dreams are not written off! They’re all coming together! IT’S NOT A WRITE OFF!
You are going to see over the next 3 to 6 months a tremendous breakthrough as God’s power is going to break through on your behalf. He is batting for you! He is setting things up behind the scenes and He’s breaking things through for you!
In the atmosphere, things are cooking for you. Miracles are on the horizon! . It’s not a write off! You’re going to see as Father sees, because He’s given you eyes to see. He’s given you His spirit to see. Miracles you will see that will launch you into destiny!
Expect to see miracles. Where others have written you off, where others have had un-belief, God’s presence is moving into that space! He’s moving things into divine alignment, so you can move into destiny in this hour.
As you come to the engine room of prayer and praise you’re going to feel the power of God flowing in and through you afresh in this hour! You’re going to see miracles which will release newness, freshness and clear direction.
Be encouraged, it’s not a write off! Miracles are God’s specialty and he’s setting you up for destiny!

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