Rest and Receive

You are worth it. The pain you have endured does not define you! It’s not who you are. It’s WHOSE you are that matters. You are a brand new beginning! The buck stops with you! You have a choice to move forward and carve out a new beginning with God’s love and power. You are stronger than this! God wants you to receive what He has for you in this next season.
For you to be able to receive the things He has for you, you need to be able to accept the truth. To align your mind to the truth. To replace old junk thoughts that are based upon your negative experiences, with the truth. For some, it’s been a lifetime of poor self esteem. It’s the TRUTH that has set you free! Jesus will will heal your soul as you rest in His love.
Some of you feel like you are not worthy of being blessed, you are not worthy of the things that Father has to pour into you. You are so grateful for His mercy and grace, but it’s stopped there for you. I hear the Holy Spirit saying,

“Don’t you know, it’s just the beginning? You’ve just entered the gate. Trust Me, Come to Me, let Me lead and guide you. I will give you a birds eye view of all I have for you. It’s a beautiful garden, full of fragrant flowers and there’s a message amid your mess. You have My strength to carve out a new beginning. I am leading you forward, don’t look back!”
Don’t take second best, don’t eat the crumbs. God is releasing a double portion over you. God is releasing blessings of His presence and power over you. Receive what He has for you. You are worth it, You are worth the blessing! He gave EVERYTHING FOR YOU. You are not what your past said you are. You are not a victim, you are victorious!

You are free! I see you walking in victory! You’ll embrace the truth of your identity and generously receive all God has for you! Strategy, strength, energy! You are not working for God as a slave. You’re a son who knows when and how to respond to your Father, it’s by GRACE.
This next phase you will let go and EMBRACE the truth fully. I see you walking into greater levels of your destiny! I see you working with God and not for God. I see you resting and not striving. I see you receiving and in the blessing is overflow. Out you will go!
The past has gone, the new has come. No looking back, just receive!

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

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