Ten Fold Return

Seeds sown in past days are germinating! You’re going to see an acceleration, you’re going to see a breakthrough! It’s time to receive a ten fold return! There’s a whole bunch of new things coming your way. There’s an ease in the Spirit and such a maturity in you now. God is taking you to new heights and depths and the things in past days where the enemy has come to annihilate you, will no longer hinder you. For you are solid in your identity. You are solid in your purpose. You’re an over comer who’s learnt how to rely and rest upon God and His ways.
In this next season, you’re going to exercise the gift of discernment when the enemy throws distractions and diversions at you. You will smell a rat, just like that! You will exercise the gift of discernment, not in a way that condemns, but in a way that’s redemptive! It’s a gift to protect you and those around you!
You’re going to new heights and new depths and you’re going to get double for your trouble! There’s a ten fold return for seed sown and it’s coming to you in this hour. Expect it!
Job 42:10

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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