From Little Things Big Things Grow!

I hear the rumblings of Heaven,

‘When you placed your hand in Mine saying, ‘I do’, all of My blessings were transferred to you! You feel like you are an outcast at times. You feel like your not a stereotypical fit. But I say, You are very special to Me! I’ve walked you through what you see as failures in this life. At times, I’ve carried you. You’ve struggled with identity issues but I say, listen to Me Beloved One, Your feelings don’t define you, I do!’

You are VERY dear to the Heart of God. He’s going to revive you and refresh you! As you allow the Word of God to be the meditation of your heart, you’ll see the Spirit of God make a way and the sea shall part!

You’re going to grow and grow like you’ve not yet known! It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning!

What you desire in your own life, you can sow into others! Begin to sow! Watch and see as God will make that seed grow!
What’s in your hand right now?
How can you help lighten someone’s load?

Maybe you can offer a word of encouragement, even though you may feel discouraged. Faith and love are our currency, not our floccoating feelings.
You are VERY dear to the Father, dearest one. You have a SPECIAL part to play in this life.
YOU are called and you are chosen. Currently, what’s the currency that God’s placed in your hand?

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