Heaven’s Atmosphere

“Many are being drawn to you and many will come tasting and seeing as you testify of Me! This is your time, this is your hour. Ripple after ripple will become wave after wave as the atmosphere of My love flows as you go! There’s much going on that you don’t even know, but as you go, one day what you’ve sowed will be on show! Every life you touch with My mercy, is a life LOVED by Me!
I’m bringing new alignments to you and many will come into intimacy as a ripple effect, My mercy kiss they’ll receive! My glory presence covers you like a canopy wherever you go! I’m revealing the gold and the diamonds, blowing off the dust! The canopy of My presence is with you wherever you go!
I’m releasing the sound of Heaven over hearts today! One by one, I’m calling them in! My glory upon you is drawing them in! The atmosphere of Heaven’s invading and you’re walking in a fresh level of anointing! New assignments are being appointed to you and many are coming in!
Hearts are healing! Minds are coming into alignment. Depression and anxiety is coming down!! Many are coming into alignment as My presence is drawing them in!
Prophetic words spoken over you in past seasons are being activated afresh this day as you step out with Me!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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