God is making a way!

“Nothing is impossible with Me! Look to Me, not the problems you see. I Am making a way where there seems no way! I’m handing you the spoils of My victory! Sit here at the table with Me. Fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, all come from Me! (Gal 5:22) I concentrate on the impossible! Look to Me, not the problems you see. I Am making a way for you. You’ll see clearly, just keep following Me.”

“My way, is a highway of holiness and I’ve put you in the fast lane. I’m removing the obstacles and the blockages. I’m removing the hindrances and the blind spots you see. You’ll see clearly as you keep leaning on Me.”

“I am jealous for you. I concentrate on the impossible! Where you feel stretched and strained and where areas of your life are like walking on a tight rope, I say, it’s a soft landing in Me!! I concentrate on the impossible. My strength is made perfect in weakness, for I am a supernatural God and I am handing YOU spoils of MY victory!”

“Sit at the table with Me. Drink from the mercy cup that’s set you free! I Am your daily bread, I Am your sustaining Grace.! I roar over you with the fire of My love! My love for you is fierce! Sit here at the table with Me and receive.”

“I’m handing you keys of destiny! Keys that unlock hearts, keys of breakthrough, keys of promise! The fire of My love roars over you, making a way where the world says there is no way! I concentrate on the impossible, nothing is impossible with Me!”

Psalm 119:162 The Passion Translation
“Your promises are the source of my bubbling joy, the revelation of your Word thrills me, like one who has discovered hidden treasure.”


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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