Unchartered Waters

I see Father’s hand guiding you out onto unchartered waters. You’re going into waters not yet seen. His presence and power taking you out further than you’ve ever dreamed! I see you moving into new sphere’s of influence! Sphere’s you’re not familiar with, you’re not comfortable with, you’re not sure of, but GOD IS WITH YOU! He’s leading you on and he’s going to continually guide and provide for you.

Father’s given you specific verses of Scripture to bring confidence and comfort to you. His rhema Word will be the map that will guide you through.

You’re walking on his Word into unchartered waters, into new spheres! I hear Father whisper, “I Am called faithful and true. I Am guiding you and will provide a way for you!” Rev 19:11-16

It’s unchartered territory and there’s a head wind, but you’re traveling on eagles wings! The wind of God is blowing you further and faster than you’ve ever dared dream or imagine!! You’re going into unchartered territory, walking on the water of his Word! You’re moving out to claim your inheritance, blown by the winds of God!

Miracles are going to take place in the lives of those you meet in unchartered waters. In those places, you are going as a carrier of light! As you walk out on the water, it’s the Word of God that’s carrying you! I see the power of God being released through you! You are light walking in darkness! Blind eyes will open!

I see you influencing people who are in positions of influence, the light of God shining bright through you! With fresh zeal, I see you leading other’s out of darkness into his glorious light!

Father will defend you, his angels are protecting you. As you speak his WORD, the power of God bursting through you will lead those in darkness into light!


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