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I sense a heightened sense of spiritual activity as ministering angels are working in the earth in this hour. I keep sensing their presence and the power they carry. Angels are setting up kingdom alignments in the secular world, specifically in MOVIES and MEDIA.

I saw the words JESUS IS LORD on top of the media mountain this week and I believe that the GLORY OF GOD is going to be revealed through divine alignments and many new and exciting projects will be birthed that will reveal his goodness and his mercy. These many projects big and small will carry such weight of kingdom deposit, that an exponential and unprecedented volume of souls will enter into relationship with JESUS AS LORD.

It will be a TRIUMPH that will be seen!
Expect to see JESUS as LORD being proclaimed across the board!

From the boardroom at Paramount studios I hear the words JESUS IS LORD coming forth in a ROAR!
Secular media will explode with testimonials of the TRUE nature of God!

Astonishing opportunities to release the Kingdom of God here on earth will take place as divine alignments and appointments are taking place, specifically in movies and media in 2017 and forward. It’s a time of exponential advancement and acceleration for all things kingdom!!!!

This is a time to stay the course, not give in but to press in!
Keep focused on The King! Celebrate Him! Dance and sing and shake off every weight of sin! (Unbelief).

Together, we are shaping history as we sing, ushering in the presence of the KING!”

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