Devotion and Promotion

I keep hearing the word promotion! The online dictionary describes promotion as, advancement, assistance, aid, help! This describes the essence of what I sense in my spirit for you in this hour.

I believe Father wants you to know how incredibly pleased he is with you! Your devoted heart has set you up for promotion! You are his delight! Purity flows from your heart! Right from the start you’ve captivated his heart! There’s such strength he’s imparting to you as you advance forward, following his heart. I keep hearing the word promotion and I see allot of angelic activity going on! There’s a flurry of activity and the angels are VERY excited! Such anticipation! They are here to help!

“I’m promoting you. My Spirit that rests upon you is going to launch you into all things new. I am breaking you through to new levels and new heights. As you walk and decree My victory in your territory, greater influence you will see! Those around you who’ve been shackled with strongholds, held down in their thinking are going to be set free! By Me, as you decree!”

“The power I release through you in this hour will set lives set free!! Now I say, DECREE! (Job 22:28)”

“As you decree My Word, My power will explode through you! As you decree My word, chains will fall and lives will come into intimacy!”

You are coming into a season of promotion and I’m increasing your influence. The words you speak will instantly set hearts free! I will set captives free as you decree!”

“You will walk in a level of authority that you’ve not yet walked in before. The dawn of a new day has come. A new beginning. A fresh start. A new heart.”

“I am lifting you up, says the spirit of God, I see My grace upon your face. I lift you up, so you can see My face. Sing to Me your King and I will bring them in!”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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