Healing is the children’s bread

“Every weakness and every dark place you face I’ve covered with My mercy and grace! I am your daily bread. The WAY, TRUTH and LIFE. Come, eat and drink of Me whatever you need. You are My absolute delight, precious in My sight!”

Many of you are walking into new levels of breakthrough. You’re breaking out of comfort zones and out of old dead ways of thinking. Holy Spirit has upgraded thinking and DOUBLE increase for you!

Follow in His footsteps. Listen to the strategy he’s given you. Trust as you follow through with instructions. I see a blueprint that’s perfect for your situation. Fathers way is the way of LIFE. He breaks chains not hearts!

There’s more in store. He’s unlocking doors and shining light into areas of your soul that have been kept locked up tight. I see many of you taking flight. Greater levels of intimacy, breakthrough and JOY as you eat the daily bread. (The living Word of God)

I prophesy CHANGE for the GOOD over you and your loved ones!

Gold (glory and financial strategies) will come forth as you allow the helper to you touch those areas of your life. You’ll go from strife to life! Areas once hidden and hurting will spring to LIFE!

Healing is the children’s bread.

Matthew 8:17 The Passion Translation

“In doing this, Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: “He put upon himself our weakness, And he carried away our diseases and made us well”.☺



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