Land of Milk and Honey


Three years ago, days before moving from one end of our extensive city to the other, I made a fresh commitment to the call on my life as a prophetic voice in the nation(s). Peter and I were on the cusp of receiving the keys to a family home we’d managed to scrape over the line into with the little savings we had left after a five- year stint renting and investing our finances into Kingdom ventures. In the years prior, we had ridden a wave in the property market and decided to cash in our investments, taking a huge financial risk! Peter had taken steps to go further in his work and stepped into middle management at this time and I was at home raising our growing family. At this time, I published my first book with much help from New Nature Publications in Hong Kong and my on-line ministry had begun. I was thirty- eight, Pete forty- eight and we’d been married fourteen years.

Standing in our garage/car-port, I got down on my knees thanking God for the opportunity to walk into new territory, into a land flowing with milk and honey and eternal promises. Moments earlier, I’d scraped off the advertisement to ‘Veronica’s Kitchen’ on my van’s back window. Scraper in one hand, hair dryer in the other, I peeled off my profile shot and the website link next to it. Having a change of heart and feeling awfully silly, I’d just pledged to not ‘work the calling out’ in my own strength, rather to put my TRUST in God’s timing and HIS divine connections!

Then BANG!

The day after our bank loan went unconditional Peter was made redundant from his dream job! In the days following, licking our wounds we moved our family across the vast city of Perth into our promised land! My car was written off around this time too and Peter had to leave the home to seek for work up in the outback of our state so we could financially survive. The land of milk and honey tasted like sour grapes!! All hell had broken loose!

Defiant, I REFUSED to be defined by the circumstances we faced! Possibly, looking from the outside in, you could say that our work and family dilemma wasn’t all that bad, people lose jobs, but to add to the complexities, we had a child in the mix who didn’t cope at all well with change and the mental battles we faced as a couple were intense!

I took our dilemma’s to the only place I know. PRAYER. Healing was there and the authority to breakthrough was there! My closet was full of sticky notes with unfulfilled dreams, prophetic words that seemed dashed on the rocks, even though I’d walked out practically those ‘windows of insight’ willing and faithfully. So many promises were not yet fulfilled and the financial strain we were taking added to our pain!

Resolute that God is always good, I refused to be slayed by the spiritual giants we faced and our lack of understanding. Life seemed like integrity versus despair! Well -meaning folk came with advice that was really no help and all the while I was hammered with an onslaught of lies from Satan! It was a lonely, oppressive and depressing time. The following two years were intense- to say the least. Our financial realities remained and Peter had to take whatever work he could out of town working for four different agencies at the drop of a hat. Our marriage was under extreme pressure and all the while my primary focus was to keep family life as stable as possible for our children and their future!

Solo at home with the children, I spent many hours on my face in prayer between home duties and our toddlers nap times. I had several strategic encounters with God at this time, and birthed from one of these experiences was the confidence to begin to record and release three -minute prophetic insight videos on my YouTube account. Refusing to be defined by my own personal pain and lack of understanding, I kept digging my spiritual well and began sowing into other people’s lives the HOPE I found in God and His UNFAILING love. I made a decision to build myself up and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. My journals were full of the faithfulness of God in past days and so I made a pact with God to go wherever HE takes me. “I will follow” was my response! Never before had I felt so VULNERABLE, yet never had I felt more ALIVE!

Early in 2013, I had started blogging and it took time to find my ‘voice’. I had never felt more alive, but was still quite insecure about what I wanted to do, which was release revelation I received for others through media. In my own feeble efforts, I tried to win friends and influence people with my cooking video’s which I had set up on my website. It was a lot of preparation and work and although I love to cook for my family and others, my motivation was skewed. The fear of man still had a foot hold in my life and I was attempting to build trust with my audience through my cooking so people would like me, hoping they would then be open to the messages I had to share! Not a completely unreasonable rationale considering my heart was to reach non Bible readers as well as the body of Christ. However, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper, “Come Up Higher!”

I had to go deeper in my intimacy with the Father, in my trusting of HIS plans to prosper me and not harm me, to TRUST in His good timing and that He knows me better than anyone! I had to go low, to fly high!

Scrapping the time consuming cooking video’s, I invested my time into prayer and writing inspired words to encourage and lift up others. The prophetic started to lift off for me in this time. I was receiving revelation most nights in dreams and visions and in words and began to blog weekly. Then in early 2014, Spirit Fuel an American based website owned by a couple of families with heart’s to launch other’s, offered me an account on their site to publish my material alongside of other prophets and prophetic voices in the nations. I accepted their invitation after hearing their hearts and vision and speaking to mentors my side. I was launched! Many new relationships have been established and a bright future awaits!

Twenty- four long and at times extremely painful months came to an end and Peter is now in full time local employment. It’s by far not his dream job, but he is home and we are all together. Home life has stabilized and we have continued to move forward. We are settled and aligned spiritually in a powerful local Church called serving in hospitality.

I’ve had the opportunity to serve in a main roads and council community development project, which will benefit our local state school community.

Through this time, I’ve gone to levels in God I would have only ever dreamed of! The icing on the cake is our fifth and final child JOSHUA. We found out a week before Christmas 2015 that I was twelve weeks pregnant with our little post-snip miracle! When Peter suggested the name Joshua, I felt it was the perfect fit! We all face Jericho.

Father says, “As you go, the milk (God words) and honey (revelation) will flow!”

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