Full of Power!

In a dream this week, I was in a room with a bunch of music people. Some of the folk were worship leaders of churches, then in a later part of the dream I was aware that I was hosting in my home an internationally known band who were touring my country. It was the secular band U2. My home was located in the dream opposite a bar! The lead singer was not present for the week the band were staying with us. I felt connected and close to the band members. I knew they respected me as I did them. I woke up.

The context of the dream was centred around the fact that the lead singer (the mouth piece) was not present. The bar spoke to me of the world and the worship leaders spoke of intimacy through worship with the King. As I pondered in prayer, awaiting some insight I heard Holy Spirit say, “You are My mouth piece!”

Father’s heart beats with love and compassion for the world! Jesus has commissioned us to go! Trusting Him we will flow. We carry the fire of His presence and have full access to the spiritual gifts that are tools that reach into the hearts of man. He’s authorised us to be His voice in the nations!


There was an excitement I felt in this dream. Father is revealing the secrets of men’s hearts to his lovers that’ll win you great favour in their sight! This favour is not for your personal glory, it’s for the task at hand! You’re going into a snake pit friend! (Snakes are emblems of demonic powers.) But, there’s nothing to fear. God is in you, upon you and His angels surround you. You go in the Name of the Lord, with the full backing of Heaven!

You’ve been given the upper hand, the ruling authority in the spiritual realm. Together, with the spiritual gifts you’re equipped to release Heaven here on Earth. This is your time this is your hour. You are full of power!

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” says the Lord.

Power comes from on high. You’re connected to the power source. A receiving tower that conducts light! One who stands TALL in the realm of the Spirit. You are LIGHT in this dark world. You’re going to experience a mighty outpouring of the power of God as you partner with Him in this hour!

“Miracles you will see as you simply place your trust in Me!”


The insights and authority you have been given is a privilege. Your weapons of warfare are PRAISE AND PRAYER. These are the gates we enter His throne room with. Sons and daughters brought near. Opportunities abound!

Jesus responded to the seventy who returned from ministering, (Luke 10:19 TPT)

“Now you understand, I have imparted to you all my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses!”



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