Commissioned! Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

I saw a picture of the Bride armed as a Warrior. Armed with all the spiritual weapons required to walk in victory this side of eternity. (Ephesians 6). We have the belt of truth and the helmet of salvation. We have the breastplate of righteousness and we wear sandals of peace. We have the Word of God in our hand- the Sword, that’s sharper than a two- edged sword! It pierces to the division of what’s soul and what’s spirit! We walk by faith and not by sight! Faith is your shield, it quenches the lies that come to undermine you and put you down. You are strong in the Lord and the power of His might!

You might feel like Gideon did. Weak, afraid and unaccomplished, but the Lord calls you, “Mighty man/woman of valour!” (Judges 6).

The Lord has chosen you and me. We are commissioned! Marked with His seal-the Holy Spirit living in us. “I AM with you.” says the Lord. (Ephesians 1:13-14).

Gideon’s mighty men were chosen by God as they had their WITS about them. They cusped the water from the well with their hands, aware of what was going on around them. A metaphor for ‘walking in the spirit’. They were awake!

We are called and commissioned to walk in the spirit. In unison with God. Keeping our eyes on what’s above and not what we see in the natural. We are in a war.

The essence of our lives as God’s children is the intimacy we have with Father. That is the central place of our walk with God. He is our strength! He is our hope! He’s our reward! We’ve been handed over the baton from Jesus. We’ve been given this signed, sealed and delivered envelope stamped with the authority of the King! Inked with his Blood. His decree! His Holy Spirit seal on each envelope.

We’ve been marked and sealed with His approval. Commissioned to go into all the earth and preach the Good News. To deliver those who are oppressed in His name and to open the eyes of the blind in His name. All of these things. People are spiritually blind and it’s the work of the Holy Spirit to open their eyes, but we are the vocal point. We are the mouth piece, we are His hands and we are His feet.

There’s many ways that God works through us and I just want to say, with Jesus as Lord of our lives, number one on the mantelpiece of our hearts, not just Saviour, then our hearts beat as ONE with Him. Compassion moves you. You feel His heart for those who don’t yet know Him. You want to share His goodness and share of the Good News!

Despite spiritual opposition, despite persecutions, despite being misunderstood, despite being unfairly judged, despite the rejection, despite the fear of man. You want to share who He is and the essence of His being.

We are in a war. Mediocrity and status quo is not the way to go. We’re here to leave a legacy for future generations. To live a fulfilling and exciting life as we walk with God releasing His kingdom here on earth!

You’re anchored to HOPE, commissioned to go! Salt and light in a dark world.

SHINE bright!

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