Speak To The Gold!

I saw a picture this week of a swimming pool full of precious gems. The colours were glorious! Each and every gem represented an individual, a family, a legacy!

“Speak to the gold, in those you see. Pluck out the gems that I see. Mercy triumphs over judgement, and I ask that you speak words of life and not death over those you see. Declare and decree the GOOD things you see, says the spirit of God. It’s my job to bring conviction of sin (unbelief) and set hearts free. The lens I look through declares them FREE! Freely I have given, now freely receive.

“It’s Me, they will see! The pool depicts My heart. Full to the brim, I’ve treasured each and every one from the start. Each one is My creation, can you see? So dear and precious, at Calvary, I hung for each one, beaten, battered and isolated on the tree.”

“Let Me fill you with My words! I bring healing and wholeness setting captives free! I qualify you now, so decree and My rainbow promises will begin to unfold in the lives you see!” Bind pride and confusion and simply set your heart on humility. It’s a spiritual war you see. Fight on your knees in humility, I’ve given you keys, now exercise your authority! Speak life over the dry barren areas and the deception that you see, and let My light shine gloriously!”

“My golden glory flows through you as you dwell in the secret place with Me. The place of intimacy. Miracles and Love are birthed in soil called trust.”

“Now go and decree the goodness and mercy you see! Everything that’s not of Me will flee! Divine order and blessing’s you will see!”

Job 22:28 “ Decree a thing and it shall be established.”


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