Glory Wave

“Give Me the affections of you heart. Seek Me first and everything you need will be added to you. Abandon your heart to Me. I will never leave you, nor will I disappoint you! I’ll definitely never forsake you. Let the well of life flow. The spring within, let it go and everything will flow! Unplugged, you’ll see greater measures of My Glory. Kissed and protected by Grace. Trust Me. My blood will flow.

Your faith in Me is strong. You feel fragile, yet in Me, truly you are strong! I want to crash your shore and bring you into more. Walls you’ve built so high, are only temporary. Let Me soothe your battered soul and give you fresh perspective. You’ll see afresh as you let Me quieten you with My love. The stream within will become a torrent. You will go from strife to life!

My diamond! My precious one. You cannot be shaken! Rejected by some, yet built on Me, the very stone the builders rejected! I Am the rock of ages. The incorruptible One. The Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

I have known you from the very start and Peace guards your heart! I Am Peace. The Prince of Peace. Let My love quieten your heart. There’s nothing to fear. I am near. My glory is your rear guard. Don’t you worry about a thing. Every detail of your life is in My hands. Your spiritual enemies melt like wax in My presence!! Your heart is in My hand. You are free to be. Soft and pliable all will see the wonderful work I’ve begun and am completing in thee!”

Your best days are ahead! You will succeed! You will live to tell the story! Unshakable you are! ”

Proverbs 3:21-26 The Passion Translation

“My child, set these two goals for your life; to walk in wisdom, and to discover discernment- don’t ever forget how they empower you. For they strengthen you inside and out and inspire you to do what’s right; You’ll be energized and refreshed by the healing they bring. They give you living hope to guide you, and not one of life’s tests will cause you to stumble. You will sleep like a baby, safe and sound- your rest will be sweet and secure! You’ll not be subject to terror for it will not terrify you, nor will the disrespectful be able to push you aside because God is your confidence in times of crisis, keeping your heart at rest in every situation.”

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