Hearts and Homes Healed

“Rest assured. Healing is coming to your home. The check is in the mail! Breakthrough is coming to you! The Word of God coming true!

I see Jesus interceding to the Father on behalf of your family. I see him leaning in close to the Father’s heart. His voice whispering into the Father’s ear and it is echoing through the corridors of Heaven, through eternity and time, into the earth and into your home!

The words of Jesus are full of power and authority!

I see the sound of Heaven coming to your door. Ushered in on the wings of prayer. Heaven revealed in your home. The sparkles of Heaven invigorating hearts and homes, setting hearts ablaze and on fire! Your hearts are PRECIOUS in his sight! Your worship is a beautiful sight! You’re his pure delight!

I hear the spirit of God saying “Hearts and Homes Healed!”
I saw the Father whispering back to the Son saying, “It’s Done!”


Jesus has been interceding to the Father on behalf of sons
and daughters and I see MIRACULOUS breakthroughs coming through in this hour! Sweet encounters with the glorious presence of God that bring healing and wholeness to hearts and homes! I see SHOWERS OF MIRACLES! I see miraculous breakthroughs! I see a splendid display of the Glory of God.

The Glory of the Lord is coming “in” and “through” the Bride and is “upon” the Bride! Explosions of Glory taking place in hearts and homes! Expect your home to ignite and take flight as MIRACLES OF LOVE are being poured out! Father has heard your pleas, your cry’s of love, your desperation and hunger to experience fullness now! Your prayer offerings are ‘matches’ that light the fire of revival! (hearts and homes on fire with God’s love).

Marriages that have been under extreme pressure, strained with pain for years, I see a revelation of Father’s love being poured out! Lights coming ‘on’ and families being healed and made whole! Marriages restored! Hearts and homes healed! Husband and wife hearts beating as one! Un-conditional love and communication flowing from encountering the Father’s heart firsthand! By the gift of faith, understanding the height and depth of Father’s love! Hearts set free to simply ‘be’!

Some of you have clung to your vows, you’ve hung on faithful and true. God WILL come through for you! Miracles are his specialty! “Hearts and Homes Healed”, I hear the Son whispering to the Father. Some of you women, you’ve tarried and you’ve carried the spiritual responsibility in your homes for decades. You’ve not filled your man’s shoes. You’ve simply got on with life as you ‘be’.

Father see’s the longing in your heart and he’s coming through on your behalf! You have both ravished His heart, right from the start! You have great favor in his sight! I see many men coming through in this hour, healed and whole, miracles of love, ENCOUNTERING Jesus Christ who is faithful and true!

Deep revelatory understanding of Father’s love, melting hearts and transforming minds! A spring of life gushing ‘up’ and ‘through’, releasing hearts and homes into all things new! The world will look and see the glory of God resting upon you!”

Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough is upon you and it’s coming through!!!

Hearts set free, coming into intimacy!

“Hearts and Homes Healed, I decree!”

In Jesus Name,

I decree an INCREASE of His Government over your home, over your heart, over your marriage! Kingdom order, Kingdom Peace, Kingdom tranquility. You are free! (Isaiah 9:7).

I decree an INCREASE in favor with God and with man. That you would encounter what Jesus has given to you fully and freely. Nothing can separate you from the height, depth and breadth of God, who is LOVE.
I pray your home experiences this supernaturally and from the overflow, you give it freely! Hearts and Homes Healed, I decree!


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