Glory Explosions!!!

I saw a picture and some of you have been through atrocious things! What I see is that you’ve walked through some trials and some of you it’s been decades in the making, but you’ve come through with flying colors!

I see explosions of glory in this hour coming through you, being released in and through you in this hour.

I see a multitude of people coming into a revelation of God. Revelation that God is LOVE. Love is a person. I see many of you reaping in the harvest. The nets are bursting at the seams! There’s such an explosion and literally your faces shine with the glory of God.

It’s the LIGHT and LOVE of God.

You’ve been through incredible pressures and incredible trials but in the face of adversity and pain and rejection and false accusations, and temptations and lies and all of these things, you’ve come through true!!

It’s the true picture of who you are coming to the fore in this hour. It’s the reflection of your Creator, your maker. You’ve come through TRUE.

You’re complete in Him and I see your family and districts and whole nations literally coming into an encounter with God in this hour.

God who is love. It’s very exciting. Explosions of Glory!

The world will see the King of Glory who lives in you!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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