Fear Not!


“Fear Not! For I AM with you” says, the Lord.

“I have redeemed you, called you by name. Child you are mine. Though you walk through the waters I’ll be there and through the flame. You’ll not! no way drown! You’ll not! no way burn! for I AM with you! (lyrics by Phil Pringle). Isaiah 41:10

Your enemy wants you in a spin. He wants you running around, worrying about this that and everything else.

“Be Still and know, that I AM God. I will lead you on the path everlasting. You won’t go hungry. Nor will you get lost. I AM with you” says, Holy Spirit.

Life is a highway; you’re on track, on target and on time!

Worship is your warfare! Let out a song of praise. The whole world’s in His hands.

There’s no fear in love.

God has your back covered! He’s your El Shaddai- The All sufficient One. He’s also your consuming fire! (Hebrews 12:29).

You have not missed the boat!

Keep yielding and surrendering. He’s got you on the path that’s everlasting!

Love and Blessings,

Veronica Kilrain

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