The Lyrics


In a recent dream, the Holy Spirit powerfully reminded me of His love for each and every one of us!
Decoded with Holy Spirit’s help, the details of this dream utterly blew me away! (once again).
God is masterful at the detail He goes to, as He continues to remind and reveal His goodness and His kindness in ways that we can understand..

The Lyrics

In the dream, I saw a picture of American folk singer and song writer, Bob Dylan’s latest book.

It’s a splendid looking book. Thick and weighty.
‘The Lyrics’.

$5,000 USD for a personally signed copy. Or around $280 USD for an unsigned copy.

There’s a picture of a harp on the front and surrounding the harp are olive leaves.

In the dream, I saw the name, ‘Vera- Icon’ embossed on it.

Vera Icon means, ‘true image’ in Latin and Greek.

The leaves represent olives, which speak of Grace (Jesus).

The harp and title, ‘The Lyrics’ are a reminder that we are His Song, His Beloved Bride.

Accepted in the Beloved, we’re seated above all spiritual forces of darkness, bought with a high price and worth more than rubies!

Nothing can separate us from God’s perfect love! We are forever One.

Robert (Bob) can be interpreted as, ‘One whose name shines brightly. In this instance, Robert is a metaphor for Jesus!

The fame of HIS name shines bright through you and me!

Dylan means- Son of the sea. How incredible is that! Jesus is The SON and the sea is a metaphor for His vast and endless love!

When the world comes to undermine your identity, or your insecurities and perceived failures tell a different story this is the time to look back in the mirror of His grace and see His face!

It’s shining upon you! No matter what!

You are royalty! You have destiny!

Remain rested, even though you’re tested.

Song of Songs 4:8b-10
(Passion Translation- Brian Simmons)

We will wage war together
In the lion’s den and the leopard’s lair!
For you have ravished My heart.
You have inflamed My being
My beloved one, My equal, My bride.
I am undone by your love.
Merely a glance
From your worshiping eyes
And you have stolen My heart.
Just gazing into your heart,
Joined to Mine,
And I am overcome!
Conquered! Ravished!
Held hostage by your love!
How satisfying to Me,
My equal, My beautiful bride.
Your love is My finest wine
Intoxicating and thrilling-
And your sweet praise-perfume
So exotic, so pleasing.

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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