Field of Dreams and Wide Open Spaces


I saw a picture of a thick forest and many people running through the forest and coming out the other side. They had been running for a while and were quite tired. As they burst through the brushes out the other side they found themselves in the most beautiful field.
It was a field of dreams; a wide open space. Light, color and fragrance shone all around. I believe some of you have come through some dark times.

Nahum 1:7 (NIV) 7 The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him

Those who have falsely accused you and caused you much pain are going to come running to you and apologize for the pain they have caused. Yay! You have been carried by the Father as you have stuck close to Him through some deeply challenging times. You have come through the other side with flying colors. Father is going to heal you! Instantly!

You are going to be marked with JOY UNSPEAKABLE! Like a flood, Holy Spirit is going to infill you to overflowing as you bathe in His love and let Him do what he does best- lavish you as He kisses your soul. The season ahead is very exciting for you!!! The dreams He’s placed in your heart are going to be fulfilled NOT FALL APART!

Now that you’re through the other side, you have asked the question, “Where to now Lord?’. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper in response, “Continue to follow Me and I will provide and guide you”.

Some of you are feeling pressure to produce and create and have been pushing to get the breakthrough in your financial situation. Peace is your rudder. If you sense any hesitation don’t act on it. Let peace be your guide. Jesus is the PRINCE OF PEACE. Trust Him and His timing. He is going to align you with the right people in your business, in your family life and in the areas that you are called to serve, lead and produce in.

Many are going to walk into divine opportunities in 2015 and Holy Spirit is setting up divine connections, meetings and opportunities.

Remain in rest, expectantly surrendered. As you rest (cease from your own self- effort) He will provide the best! (Holy Spirit activity).

You are going to walk into Destiny in 2015!!!

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