Hearts On Fire!



I heard the Father say,

“Get yourselves ready by posturing your hearts’ towards mine. Many will experience the all -consuming fire of my presence in this hour. I am doing a fresh work in the hearts of my sons and daughters! I am revealing my fire in love to those whose hearts are postured towards mine.There will be a mighty outpouring of signs and wonders through the hands of those whose hearts and minds are focused on me!”

Deliverers are being released in this hour!

“Family members will be set ablaze as my love consumes them. Unbelief and fear will flee with your heart’s set on me.”

“I am setting hearts on fire! Ablaze with My Glory and Majesty! Works of darkness will be extinguished as my holy fire burns through you and sets hearts ablaze! My fire that burns so bright will set many alight!

Get ready!

With an attitude of awe and wonder. Your Heavenly Father is about to set you ablaze with fresh fire and Holy Spirit power!

Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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