Revived And A Revival!


Some weeks ago, I was mopping my floors and the front door was open.
A BIG gust of wind swirled around my door. This mini tornadeo blew straight into the house at a hurtling rate and left me reeling in its wake.

Right then, I heard, the spirit of God say,

“MY winds of change are here!”

I asked Holy Spirit,

“What does ‘winds of change’ mean?”

I heard Him reply,

“This is the hour of power as My Bride wakes up! I’ve kissed her with My Glory Kiss!”…

The winds of change are here!
Let the wind blow let the fire fall, we need revival!
The Word and the Spirit ignite as we take flight!
Wait upon the Lord and you shall renew your strength and mount up on eagles wings. Isaiah 40:31

Many of you will awaken to destiny in this hour.

The dice in your life will line up and things will start to roll!

Wait upon Him.
Enquire of Him, rest in His great love.
In this attitude of rest and seeking his face, you will see an acceleration as the wind of God’s spirit gives you wings to fly and eagle eyes.

You shall go forth and give birth to breakthrough in this hour in holy spirit power!
There’s an acceleration in the spirit as things will start to fall into line that have been unaligned for many years. Even decades.
What seemed like decay and delay, will burst forth new life and the areas in your life that have been dry and dead even, will start to come to life!
You’re going to be healed as you breakthrough.
You’ll be stitched up by the surgeon of life and the scars of your past will fade and disappear.

No longer will you be hindered from entering the presence of God!
Nothing can stop you from entering his presence.
You’ll experience him in ways you’ve never dreamed as he reveals His Glory through you in this hour.

Revived- you’ll carry revival!!

Old mindsets are being renewed.
The truth of God’s Word will set you free!
The baggage you’ve carried will be cut away by the surgeon’s knife as he operates on your life.He’s making all things new!

His Word is final and he will become your fortress and strong tower.
Nothing will sway you any longer.
He will set you alight and you’ll burn bright.
Full of fire and full of light! A great delight!
You will shine like a diamond, pure and bright.

And as you are revived in his love you’ll let out a shout!

“Open wide the gates! that the King of Glory can come in!”
Matthew 25:31

Revived you’ll be a walking revival!

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