Need peace? then have a feast!

Some of you are experiencing interrupted sleep patterns. There’s been a series of repeat dreams that you’ve been having. In the dream(s) you’re not ready for the event taking place and you wake up in a panic when you have these dreams.

God is calling you into destiny. It’s the Holy Spirit that’s been causing you to have these dreams. There is an alarm going off and it’s time for you to wake up. To be spiritually awake so you can hear what the spirit is saying; He is calling you into a personal relationship with Him.

You’ve been incredibly lonely to date.

Always in a crowd, but lonely in that crowd. Surrounded by people yet never really trusting. Not sure who is going to stab you in the back next! You feel like you’re swimming with sharks and the thought of bleeding your heart would be perilous as the sharks will eat you up!

God has a plan for your life!

He will give you a great insight and his wisdom and understanding when you enter into his rest which involves your surrender.
He wants to put people around you that are the real deal, who will love you with His everlasting love.
People who don’t want your money or a piece of you. True friends who will celebrate you.
He wants you to have the happiest years of your life in the years to come as you delight in Him- The Prince of Peace.

True peace and rest is found in Jesus.

The Spirit of God is inviting you to the banqueting table of his eternal love. It’s a feast and there’ s a spot reserved for you!

Need Peace? Then have a feast!

Psalm 23:5-6 The Passion Translation

You become my delicious feast
Even when my enemies dare to fight.
You anoint me with the fragrance of Your Holy Spirit,
You give me all I can drink of You until my heart overflows.
So why would I fear the future?
For Your goodness and unfailing love
Will always be my companions every day;
Then afterward- when my life is through
I’ll return to Your glorious presence
To be forever with You!

Veronica Kilrain


Prophetic Book of Poetry

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