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A few weeks back I had a vision of Ayers Rock and in this vision I saw a mighty whirlwind descending upon this landmark called Uluru. In the whirlwind was the Glory of God and the force in this spin in the wind caused an almighty explosion to take place. The ball exploded over and through Uluru releasing the molecules of Heaven. It was a magnetic storm disturbance. A magnetic field of charged particles from the Son that dispersed outward like stars covering the entire nation. It was a spectacular sight!

There is a drum beat being released out of Heaven at this time and I hear it loud and clear. It’s Heaven calling to each and every Indigenous Australian to arise and shine.  The Glory of the Lord is going to lift many out of the dirt and into destiny. (Isaiah 60). Lives are being transformed as the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing across the sun burnt plains of Australia into communities and into hearts.

Seed that’s been sown containing God’s Word from past generations is germinating in this hour.

There is a clarion call from Heaven for the nation of Australia to be forerunners in the world. Indigenous Australians are a big part of this move of God! God is lifting up many of our Indigenous folk into places of high ranking influence. The Father is calling to the first people of this land and His heart is being revealed to the many different communities that make up the 700,000 Indigenous Aussies.

Many will be awakened to the truth of who they are. Who their maker is. Why they were created. Spiritual eyes will be opened as the Holy Spirit reveals the Father to these precious souls. Destiny is being birthed in this hour. Instead of worshiping creation, entire regional communities will worship the Creator. Jesus Christ the King of Kings. Romans 1: 18-25.

There will come a great unity as many arise and shine and find true peace and identity. Heaven’s treaty will supersede the treaty of man. An acknowledgement of all that God is for entire clans will transform lives and we will see many many Aboriginal forerunners in this nation. God will get all the glory as He will confound the wise with his methods! (1 Corinthians 1:27). Many will stand up with boldness and courage in this hour.

Men and women in the business sector who have worked hard and travailed to bring about social, political and economic changes in Australia to provide solutions and equal opportunity for our first people will be pleased and relieved as God and God alone is going to reveal His great love to these folk. The infra-structure that’s been put into place by these servant -heart leaders will be the foundation that many use as a launching pad into their destiny’s. Many school teachers will arise in this generation as young and old get education opportunities and Australia will see a fresh wave of teaching staff in every State who have Aboriginal heritage.

It’s the Father heart that is going to set hearts free and bring true freedom. This freedom will bring unity as healed hearts will be whole. From this platform individuals will be enabled to steward their own lives in an orderly manner and will also have a burning passion to serve others in their chosen field of vocation influencing society in Australia and into foreign borders!

Unity will be paramount and I see a tenacity for collaboration in many minds of men and women as the the Spirit of God who is wisdom and revelation will be at work in our future leaders. These leaders will be noted as servant leaders who have the mark of Jesus on them! Many of these leaders are being born again now and as they access health, education and good home lives, many will be our future leaders.

What can the Church do?

Pray through Isaiah 61 with expectation for our nations first people.

Speak blessing over Indigenous Australians
Go out of your way to be super generous in acts of kindness, mercy heart and give dignity
Decree and Declare God’s richest blessings
Believe for the best
Support local politicians and business people who are rallying and working towards a better future for our first people
Offer any support and follow any promptings you feel from Holy Spirit

We live in exciting times!!

God bless You as you partner with God in this hour.

Veronica Kilrain



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