Wealth Transfer to Mobilize Prophetic Ministries in Australia





Wealth Transfer to Mobilize prophetic ministries in Australia and into nations

I had a dream last night and saw a picture of a big old fashioned till. It was huge! Daddy’s hand was on the handle and He pulled the leaver down on it. The bell rang, the spring released and the drawer flung open. I then saw a picture of a huge dollar sign in the sky. I woke up.

Pressing on my heart for the past few months has been the words,

“Wealth transfer to the prophets in Australia.”

I believe this is the hour for prophetic ministries in Australia who’ve formerly been persecuted and shut down to be honored heard and valued. This is God’s doing. The tables have turned and Government- Federal and State are taking note. There is a willingness from the business sector to listen to the words of the Lord and a sober and awake Parliament in Australia is coming! There is a Holy and reverential Government in Australia being established and purity is going to be a core characteristic that will govern from our house of Parliament in Canberra. This purity will flow down through the ranks and there is coming a great awakening and purification as the Holy Fire of God is about to fall in a suddenly on Parliament house in Australia. There is a cleansing to take place and a restoration of purity in the hearts of those with Governmental Ministerial positions in this country; a great shaking and a great awakening.

The cleansing fire of Holy Spirit is going to set things straight in our Australian Parliament. The prophets need to speak with Holy Ghost confidence, humble in heart and full of Holy Ghost power. The corridors and walls in the Parliament will drip with Holy Ghost reverence. Mockers and scoffers will be silenced and their authority will diminish as the sons and daughters of God arise in those corridors. Men and women who have been groomed and prepared by God who have been waiting in the wings, new doors are opening for these individuals! There’s a shift of power in this hour to those who have clean hands and pure hearts. The Australian Government will stand for righteousness as a MAJORITY. I see an acceleration of these events unfolding in our Parliament over the next 18- 36 months.

Arise prophets!


Holy Ghost conviction is about to fall on the hearts of many men and women in the business sector. Many have been having their sleep patterns interrupted as the Spirit of God has been calling, wooing and awakening hearts. Many of these folk are not yet saved and have not spoken about the unrest they are experiencing, but on the inside they are done with their worldly wisdom. They are morally and spiritually bankrupt. Desperate for the truth, dry, parched and thirsty for TRUTH! Many of these hearts are waiting for the truth to set them free!! THEY NEED TO HEAR the WORD of TRUTH in LOVE that will set them free!

This generation of Australian prophetic ministries will be written about in our history books. Many of these voices will be women and young children. Listen to your children and be attentive as the Holy Spirit whispers His secrets prophets! The sold out lovers will be entrusted with secrets of the hearts of men. These humble and fearless ones will pull in a great harvest of souls. Disarming and sweet in spirit many children will receive insight and revelation that will crack open the haughtiest of self- made men in this nation. Lovers will hear the Father’s voice with clarity in this hour. Words released will be like tuning forks vibrating with Heaven’s sound.

This is the TIME for the prophets to speak and not be passive. It’s also a time from those who receive a word for a person of influence to share it in obedience and to not shrug it off. Write letters and make appointments. Release the Word of truth in love and expect it to be well received as you pray. Many in business and politics are waiting for that letter to arrive with the message of THE King in it. Holy Spirit fuelled words will crack open hearts to receive King Jesus!

Invitations will occur and you will have an audience with business and Government servants in Australia. A wealth transfer will be released into the hands of prophetic men and women in Australia through business and Government. Your gift is about to make way for you! There is a financial release for the prophets of Australia to be mobilized. I see a great wealth transfer taking place as the prophets will be gifted outrageous generous financial gifts. Prophetic ministries will be mobilized to travel and speak and share the GOOD NEWS.

Government and the Business sector will back those advancing up the MEDIA mountain in Australia. Prepare your proposals and be a generous receiver. Isaiah 60:5 (NASB) The abundance of the sea will be turned to you, the wealth of nations will come to you.

Those of you who have stood faithful and true who have heard God and stood on His Word and His promises, have counted the cost and have been weary in the waiting, yet have held your ground as a prophetic voice in this nation. YOU are about to be propelled into the harvest fields like nothing you have ever imagined! You who have said in your heart,

Psalm 27:4a. The Passion Translation.

“Here’s the one thing I crave from God, The one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with Him every moment in His house, Finding the sweet loveliness of His face; Filled with awe, delighting in His glory and grace.”

Now is your time to shine! The Government will listen and instill the instructions given in this fresh season. Australia will be known as a nation that loves righteousness; a nation of Godly lovers who in a heartbeat will turn from unbelief and there wicked ways and be known as disciples of Jesus! Burning hearts consumed by love. Branded by purity and truth!

Veronica Kilrain

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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