Financial Release!


The wealth of nations is being poured into the hands of righteous men and women in these days. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Those whose hearts have remained steadfast and faithful will steward the wealth of nations.

Extraordinary acts of financial generosity and partnership are about to take place and will continue to take place in the nations in this hour! (decades ahead). The big end of business will get behind those in ministry. Those running with the fire of the Gospel. Those who have been through various trials and have stood through thick and thin, standing on the promises of God refusing to give up!

Business and governments are going to fund thousands of ministry’s that preach the Gospel in the days ahead. This is God’s doing. He is speaking to the hearts of those in government and their administrators. He has placed certain people in certain positions of influence.

Business people are going to actively seek out and be on the lookout for those who carry the Gospel message that they can fund. God’s heart has been melted into theirs through angelic visitations. These messengers have been sent on assignment from God. Many are keeping their cards close to their chest, but have their eyes on the look out for authentic Christians who they can fund. The global Church will see the greatest acts of philanthropic activity it has ever seen.

I see divine appointments taking place and Daniel’s and Joseph’s arising in this hour. Gospel carrier’s whose feet carry peace. Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news. Isaiah 52:7. Women and children will be some of the most successful ambassadors of God’s Kingdom in this hour. Eyes like flint, on the lover of their souls! Sold out and devoted, fulfilling the Great Commission.

The world desperate, troubled and tormented with no real peace, will look to these disarming ones for the answers it needs.

These are incredibly exciting times in the Global village. The Church is exploding with millions and millions of new saints! The greatest harvest of souls is coming into God’s Kingdom in this hour! Many who have been in spiritual slavery will come into freedom!!

The wealth that is coming to the Church in these days will frustrate the enemy’s plans, nullifying and causing disarray to his evil hordes! Those who have been restricted by finances, able to go to the left and to the right will have those chains of restraint smashed off them!! There will be financial freedom to come and go and release the Word into some of the most depraved and darkest of places hidden in the face of the earth.

Business owners, developers, inventors and leaders will throw millions of dollars at the feet of the Apostles and Evangelists who go two by two into the harvest. ACTS 4. It is God and God alone who is orchestrating this process and will bring this to pass through those He gives instructions to in the market place. Holy Spirit is speaking to hearts of business owners and Holy Spirit is connecting Apostolic hearts with Evangelists.

These are the days where the Apostles and the Evangelists will travel together in pairs and will pull the harvest in. Luke 10.

Airport departure and arrival lounges being places that experience some of the greatest outpourings of God’s Glory!

Multitudes of souls will be saved in airport lounges in the coming days as the faithful ones go and release the Word of the Lord to all those that cross their path.

1. Get yourself ready by posturing your heart towards expectancy! You will need to have an attitude of a generous receiver!

2. Pray with fervent expectation and be willing to go where Holy Spirit says to go. Follow His prompting and be prepared to travel working in teams with appointed leaders. Women and children will make significant contributions in these itinerant trips. Don’t run ahead. Rest and trust as God makes way for you to contribute and partner with others who carry the same DNA and heart as you. Going out with prayer covering and you’ll be effective in small groups.

3. Tidy up all loose ends at home. Have your passport updated. Get one if you don’t yet have one. Be prepared and ready as God will place you with the right people at the right time to do itinerant work.

4. Follow through with NEW relationships and keep your appointments. Walk through any small door that opens in front of you.

5. Expect the unexpected.

The harvest is ripe! Let’s take hold of it!

Veronica Kilrain


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