Speak Life!




Your words have power!
Words of encouragement spur other’s on.
When you speak to the core of a believer in Christ – you are speaking Identity and Sonship over the person.
Who and Whose they are In Christ. And when you speak destiny over a not yet believer, you are prophesying LIFE! Words that speak to the very essence of the person.

Spirit- filled words add fuel to the heart.
Smoulder becomes flame,
Flame become Fire!
A heart on Fire is contagious!

Speak life and unlock the potential within! There’s supernatural empowerment in that! Never underestimate a simple word of encouragement. You are prophesying destiny, hope and a future over another person when you remind them who they are in Christ Jesus.

You are the righteousness of God In Christ Jesus! Nothing you have or haven’t done can separate you from the Father’s Great Love!

Set Apart! 
Created for an audience of One.
His Pearl of Great Price.
Loved with an everlasting love.

His banner over you is Love! Song of Songs 2:4

Life giving words quench the thirsty soul.
Stir up your faith! Let the river flow. Water that heals, restores, refreshes, strengthens, rejuvenates and invigorates.

Encouraging one another is fun!
Like a roller coaster ride.
Powerful words!
Words that blow wind into sails.

Words that lift a weary soul. Living a supernatural life. Touching Heaven, changing lives!

Grace and Peace!

Veronica Kilrain
Empowering Grace Ministries

Veronica’s Book, “Walking in the Spirit- the supernatural life of Grace” is available on the link below.
Learn about your identity in Christ. How to hear God’s voice and see His face, operate in the gifts of the Spirit and partner with Jesus living a supernaturally natural life.
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