Warrior Bride


It’s been a jam packed month and a half of full on opposition since “walking in the Spirit” book was released.

From the intensity of the Grace hating spirit coming against my head, telling me to shut- up! Get back in my box, how dare I and a relentless attack on my mind.

Then there’s been the heaviness that’s tried to take the color out of my life, like a wet fire blanket, just a bland, heavy, and unpleasant cloak, like I can’t smell the roses in life.

There’s been hate mail, lovely isn’t it- you know you’re in good company when that happens. Jesus was hated by people too.

My second child’s intense nature has gone through the roof, there’s been lots of ranting and raving on his behalf, a storm in a tea-cup over nonsense issues in his life. (like the daily menu).

I’ve felt overwhelmed, teary, alone and isolated, but through it all I know that I am on the right track, at the right time and on target!

Warriors are sometimes mistaken as these armor clad, hard nose, tough people.

True Spiritual warriors are kept in the presence of their loving Dad. HE is the shelter from the storm and He is the place of perfect peace and is our protection.

The devil is a LIAR! He has NO authority over you or me for that fact. He tries to tell me that he does, yeah, we co-habit the earth with the prince of the air, but we have the LIGHT of God radiating in and through us and NO weapon formed against us can prosper.

There is NO FEAR in LOVE! The perfect love of God has cast out fear. Do not give in to the lies of the enemy, telling you to back off, back down, bow down to man, or insecurity or anything else!

Above all FEAR GOD! For He is Holy and He is our Reward.

You cannot help but be a SUCCESS in this life, when you have the King of Kings on your side.

As Grahame Cooke says, intimidation is the mildest form of attack the enemy comes at us with. When we step out in God, He has our back covered. So just GO FOR IT and Never ever Give up! We live once, this side of eternity. We have the light of God in and upon us and ALL of HEAVEN is backing us up!



Veronica. XX


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