Fear of Man


What will people think? Aren’t we Christian’s supposed to set the example of Christ’s love and character in our communities?

These two thoughts are enough to send me off into a panic, especially when I know I’ve reacted and not responded with my children, or had an argument with my husband. The truth is, yes, we do set an example to our children and peers, but it’s not man’s opinion of us that matters, but God’s- and fortunately he does not relate to us based upon our fluctuating behaviours, but on our position in Christ.

The Christian message is not about behaviour modification. Although when we know who we truly are in Christ, we begin to align with our new creation identity and reflect all things good.

God is not a hard task master. Nor is he pretentious Creator that sits on his throne demanding perfection of his people.

God is love. He is holy and pure and the source of all things good. The fear of God is a beautiful thing. It draws you into intimate union with him, taking you deep into his presence.

Fear of man on the other hand puts a noose around your neck and is paralysing.

The message of Jesus has the power to change lives!

When we live in fear of what other’s will think we dilute the power of the Gospel by limiting the supernatural flow of Heaven in our lives.

God has great plans for our lives as Ambassadors of the Highest Government. With boldness, let’s go forth as we proclaim the Good News in power!


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