Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey! How often have you heard that? It’s something I want to cherish and take hold of in 2013!

People like me who are wired like a battery can keep on going til they run out of energy and then stop and think it’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor or the well earned time out from the daily chores and household activities..

But on the inside I know that every day and every moment is to be enjoyed. There is no destination 20 years down the track that I’m going to arrive at and say it’s time to start enjoying life. No, these are the precious moments and the time when each day counts!

It’s the little things in life that often are the special things. A kind word, an act of kindness, courtesy, a smile. The basics that are so often over looked and forgotten in the mad flurry of the world.

Sometimes letting go of the idealistic standards, or perfectionist overtones is apart of enjoying the journey. I know that I’ve changed allot of the ways I’ve previously done things, let go of trying to micro-manage everything in my life.

Making a concerted decision to let go and let God, gives you a great deal of room to move and also frees up the atmosphere to everyone in your sphere! It’s time to stop and smell the roses in life, no matter how much needs to be done, I’m learning to enjoy the journey and smell the roses on my travels.



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